Once again, it is another sad day for the Kodi community with the announcement that Team OneNation builds and repo have closed the door on their work!

You will begin to see speculation, rumours, or maybe untrue versions of the recent news that the OneNation Kodi team have shutdown, but in this post, we will give you the facts, as they stand!

We have seen numerous Kodi addon and build developers shutdown. Some out of free will, others out of legal pressures, what we do know is, it seems all good things are coming to an end, but what next?

Who are team OneNation in the Kodi scene?

OneNation Kodi Builds, Forks and Repo SHUT DOWN

Team OneNation are a popular group of build creators, addon developers and Fork makers in the Kodi scene.


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Team OneNation (AKA 1Nation) are known for their forks of Kodi 17, 18 and 18.4, giving access to a huge library of Kodi content in a custom, themed version of the popular media centre.

In addition to the 1Nation Kodi forks, they provided access to numerous Kodi Builds inside their repo, often created by other users, but made available from the popular OneNation Repo.

OneNation Kodi Team Shutdown?

Ok, lets start by throwing this out there….. at this stage, no one apart from the OneNation team know exactly why this has come to light. Let’s start by looking at the official Twitter announcement from the team;

What we can confirm, is that there was clear legal pressures which ultimately contributed to the shutdown of the OneNation teams activity.

If we take a look at the facebook post, we get a clearer understanding of the position they are in;

Team 1Nation (OneNation) Kodi SHUTDOWN. Official Statement

Team 1Nation have made it clear that they will not be making statements, or answering any questions relating to their decision to stop the development of their builds, addons and more.

Whilst we may see many posts, stories, or videos relating to this, as the 1Nation team have mentioned, the majority will be speculation, as we only have this official announcement to go by.

What we do know, is in addition to the announcement, we have seen numerous build creators and addon developers associated with the 1Nation repo also decide to cease the continued development of their projects, and have also pulled the plug.

Popular build developer Nebula Builds also tweeted to confirm his withdraw in the activity;

Here come the rumours…….

From all the team withdrawing from creating or updating their builds, we can assume it could be relating to a cease and desist order, which would prevent them continuing with their projects under the 1Nation name or legally not be able to provide access to such work, but again, this is not factual, it is an assumption, which we should not make.

It is important not to get tied up with the rumours and speculation of the actual events, but due to the clear legal pressures involved in the shutdown, we should start to take the activity and scene a bit more seriously.

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Whilst the rumours start to pour, we want to personally take the time to thank the 1Nation development team in its entirety for their continued efforts, dedication, support and friendly approach in the community, and we wish them the very best of luck in the safe future!

Ofcourse, I will keep you updated if any other information unfolds, but it is worth following our social pages for even quicker updates and news!

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