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Finding the best Filelinked codes to use in 2019 can be difficult because there are so many different repositories, offering different apps, so I have put this post together to show the recommended best codes to use with Filelinked that work hand in hand with Firestick and Android TV box.

BEST Filelinked codes 2019 for Firestick/Android TV.

Filelinked, is the most popular app for Android TV and Firestick in 2019! Previously known as DroidAdmin, the app was recreated from the ground up, and offers access to a HUGE amount of repo’s to install the latest and best APKS for all Android streaming devices, including the Firestick/4K!

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Filelinked is a collection of repositories (repo’s), that allow users to download multiple apps simultaneously to any Android device. Filelinked is most commonly used on Firestick and Android TV devices.

Filelinked is the easiest way to download and install the best streaming apps for Firestick and Android TV. Check out our post to watch Movies and Sports on Android TV or Firestick.


Your IP:

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Developers will create their own ‘repo’ where they will upload different apps (typically the best streaming apks), where users can enter the repo ID into the Filelinked app, to gain access to the list of apps available – as seen in the picture below.

what is filelinked? |

Filelinked codes can be entered into the Filelinked app, which then allow the users to browse an ‘application market’, and install multiple Android applications from within Filelinked. It is a quick, and easy way to share a list of recommended or popular applications with other users.

Creating your own Filelinked repository is easy. You can create your own Filelinked code for free, by creating your own repository, on the Filelinked official website.

Filelinked is most popular on Firestick and Android TV boxes, as most repositories provide access to huge amounts of applications that allow users to watch HD Movies and Sports for FREE, and offer a wide range of the best apps for the Amazon Firestick.




Using Filelinked is both free, and safe. It is recommended to ensure you have a virus scanner, or malware security app installed on your Firestick or Android TV box when using Filelinked, as there are currently no security measures built into Filelinked, that detect malicious applications, which may contain a virus. Unlike the Google Playstore, which has strict security measures in place, any application can be uploaded to Filelinked repositories, which makes it easy for users to install an undetected virus, if no security detection app is installed on your device.

If you are are looking for a reliable security app, that works as a virus scanner, firewall, and more, we recommend using the free version AVG AntiVirus.

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The other thing to consider, when using Filelinked, is your online activity.

Some of the streaming apps that are shared on Filelinked are based on torrents. If used, your IP address, and other associated data on your network, may be logged when downloading, or streaming using a Torrent. Torrents work by sharing bandwidth, to some extent. When you download (or stream from) a Torrent, you end up sharing, a part of that film, by allowing other users of that Torrent to download a chunk of the file, which is saved on your device, which is also known as a seed (or seeding). It is illegal to download, or stream in most countries, and when seeding a torrent, it means there is part of the Movie file which was accessed (and shared), using your IP address, which contributes towards the distribution of copyright content, which, in some countries, is dealt with very seriously, and can result in fines, and in some cases, criminal prosecutions.

There is an increase of Internet Providers (also known as an ISP), sending letters to users of different streaming apps such as Mobdro, or Showbox, advising that copyrighted content was accessed via their network. This may result in throttling of speeds, a warning being issued, which can result in the termination of your internet service, or in the worst case scenario, fines being issued.


There is a way to hide your IP address, which protects your online, and streaming activity from your ISP, or any other prying eyes, especially when Torrenting. The most common, and secure way to stream online, whilst being fully protected, is by changing your IP address, which may also unblock restricted content in certain countries, protects you from DNS leaks, and ensures you will not receive any letter from your ISP (they will be oblivious to your activity), and that is by using a VPN.

A VPN encrypts your connection to the website, file, or service you are accessing, by tunnelling your connection, through a private, encrypted server, which means you can stream with confidence, that your activity is not being tracked. There are many FREE VPN’s available, but we do not recommend using the below video, is a great explanation why.

We recommend IP Vanish, which offer a military grade VPN connection, great speeds, and support for just $10 a month. Use THIS LINK which may offer a discount/promotion, when available!

BEST FILELINKED CODES 2019 (FULL LIST – Updated November 2019)

Below is a list of the best (and working) filelinked codes in 2019. We will update this list, as and when new codes become available, so please subscribe to this website by using the subscribe button above!

22222222 – #1 Filelinked Repo – CLICK HERE FOR PIN

12345678 – NewTechevolution, Youtuber, Kodi Builds.

56001333 – Freetechs repo, Always updated

91195389 – Best Kodi 17.6 Builds.

80409018 – Kodi 18 Builds and More.

17779393 – JO CAN, One of the Largest Lists of APK’s. Adfree and Including Latino Stuff. PIN:2222

74238464 – Bobby123, Lots of streaming apps and More, Great Code.

11039868 – NxtLvlTech youtuber, Great store you will find tons of Apps, always updated as well. Check latest video for pin, if posted pin doesn’t work anymore. Pin: 2000

38069272 – Joe’s Place, Focused around Firestick APK’s.

47603928 – Joe’s Place2, Focused around Android Apps.

11039868 – NxtLvlTech, Great store you will find tons of Apps, always updated as well. PIN:1200

78933681 – SkyMashi, Movie & TV Show APKs. Get updated pin from: PIN: 9898

60339349 – SkyMashi, Kodi & MEDIAPLAYERS. Get updated pin from: PIN: 9898

70510862 – SkyMashi, APK & FireTV/Stick Tools. Get updated pin from: PIN: 9898

75319570 – SkyMashi, IPTV SECTION. Get updated pin from: PIN: 9898

69302536 – Lisa Crawford, DroidAdmin Code which mirrors this server

29834673 – JM_tvbox, Various apps (english & spanish)

30612263 – JM_tvbox (backup), Various apps (english & spanish)

13131313 – Self/Less, YouTuber Optimum Bliss, PIN 4545

16553983 – Doug’s, It contains the top APKs for Movies & TV as well as Live IPTV services.

80454071 – KP Apks, streaming, movies/series and more apps

86666282 – Malfaust – Ministry of App-ropriation. PIN: 4242

74747474 – Cb74, Youtuber, lots of APK’s IPTV Sports etc. PIN: 1234

39347794 – Ministry of App-ropriation PIN:4242