Coto Movies, a popular streaming app similar to Showbox just got taken down. In a statement, the developer confirms your details may have been obtained!


It’s another big blow for the streaming scene. It appears another streaming app similar to Showbox, has ended up in a legal battle, resulting in the app being taken offline, and details handed over.

It is the end of the road for Coto Movies. The app is no longer online, and for any users who still have it installed to their device, we recommend uninstalling it, immediately.

What is Coto Movies?

Coto Movies is a popular streaming app, very much like Showbox, that allows users to stream Movies and TV Shows for free.


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Over the last few months, Coto Movies has gained popularity for watching the latest Movies on Android devices.

With all things good, they usually come to an end, and this case is no different.

Coto Movies Take Down

We do not know too much at this stage about exactly what has happened.

What we do know is, the developer of Coto Movies, was involved with a legal battle, which resulted in the rights holders of the movies ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Angel has Fallen’, winning a legal battle, to shut down the Coto Movies operation, and obtaining all data and communications involved with the Coto Movies app.

Official Statement from Coto Movies developer.

If you head to the official Coto Movies website, this is the message you will find.

Official statement from Coto Movies developer about the legal take down.

What does this mean?

As the statement suggests, the operation is no longer active. On the basis of this statement, we can assume some form of cease and desist take down was obtained and actioned.

As part of the legal agreement, all data and communications were handed over to the rights holders which may help their investigation, or aid the proceedings to prevent further distribution or streaming of the copyrighted content.

If you did not use a VPN whilst using Coto Movies, then it is possible your IP address, activity log (which can include the exact movies you have streamed), and other data including emails (if used) may now be in the hands of the rights holders or authorities involved (if any).

It is unlikely, that action will be taken against its users, but it still remains possible that any logged illegal streaming activity, may be handed over to ISP’s.


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Watch our video on the news

What happens next?

If the developer was involved with any other apps, or operations simular to Coto Movies, then it is HIGHLY likely, we will see that app shutdown too.

At this stage, we don’t really know anything else, apart from the statement released by the developer, but we will keep you updated as the news unfolds.

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