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Download and Setup ZiniTevi App | A NEW One Click Play app!

Zinitevi app is hitting the internet by storm – It has One Click Play movies and allows you to watch 1000s of Movies for FREE on Android or Firestick

From time to time, we see the release of new streaming apps – this is no exception. The good thing about Zinitevi app is that it works for both Android and iOS, and has the ability to play the links on Windows or Mac browsers too!

What is Zinitevi App?

Zinitevi is a new app for Android or iOS for streaming Movies for free.

Zinitevi allows users to watch HD movies for free from a library of 1000’s of free movies.



You can download Zinitevi App for Streaming Movies, Series on iPhoneOS / iPadOS / Android Phone / Android Box devices. It will be more wonderful when you want to watch on tv with your family as Apple TV, Smart TV, FireStick, Chromecast, Roku, MiBox, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Laptop, etc …

If you will be streaming Movies from this app – use a VPN. A VPN will hide your IP address and activity. Read out Ultimate VPN Guide for a setup tutorial and discount.

Zinitevi App Screenshots

Zinitevi App features

  • Play video online and offline.
  • Download multiple videos in background mode.
  • Stream video to Google’s Chromecast, Airplay, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Web Browser, UPnP, DLNA.
  • Add to favorites list.
  • Save to watched list.
  • Caption in video with all languages on over the world.
  • to sync watched and favorites list to the cloud.

How to Download and Setup Zinitevi App for iOS

1. Download Zinitevi for iOS (Works on iOS 9+)

– How to Switch Off ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ for iOS?


Cydia Impactor: (Need Computer)- How to sign apps using Cydia Impactor?

AltSigner: (Need Computer)- How to sign apps using AltSigner?

How to Download and Setup Zinitevi App for Android, Firestick or Android TV

2. Download Zinitevi for Android, Firestick or Android TV box

– How to install app for Android, Android Box?
– How to install app for Fire TV Stick?

Press  DOWNLOAD to download APK from our Downloads page

App Stores

Partners help us distribute apps. You can also install the app here:

Panda Helper



How to install Zinitevi App?

How to install and setup ZiniTevi for iPhone / iPad / iPod (Works on iOS 9+)


  • Open LINK 1 in Safari on iOS device and press Download button
  • You should have seen a popup proposing to install app.
  • Installation will then be performed in the background, check the icons on your devices home screen, you should see the icon of the app somewhere and a progress indicator.
  • Tap app icon to open it, you will receive an Untrusted Enterprise Developer error.
  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > [Profile Name] > Trust > Trust.


  • Install TestFlight in Safari on iOS device
  • Tap on LINK 2 on your iOS device.
  • Tap View in TestFlight or Start Testing; or tap Install or Update for the app
  • Installation will then be performed in the background, check the icons on your devices home screen, you should see the icon of the app somewhere and a progress indicator.

You can’t install the app:

  • Please sure that ZiniTevi has been deleted.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Reopen this website.
  • Try to install app again.

How to install and setup ZiniTevi for Android Phone / Android Box (Works on Lollipop and above)

  • You must first allow your device to install from “Unknown Sources”
    • Samsung: Settings / Lock screen and security / Unknown sources
    • Amazon: Settings / Security or Applications / Unknown Sources
    • LG: Settings / General tab / Privacy / Security
    • Xiaomi: Settings / Additional Settings / Privacy / Unknown Sources
    • OnePlus: Settings / Security and lock screen / Unknown sources
    • HTC / Huawei / Lenovo / ZTE / OPPO / MOTOROLA: Settings / Security / Unknown Sources
  • Download APK directly through web browser on your device at: HERE
  • Locate it on your Android Device or pull-down notification menu on your device.
  • Tap Install
  • While installing a notification may appear about “Blocked by Play Protect”
  • Expand the “Details” by drop-down icon
  • Then press “Install anyway” and the app should be ready shortly

ZiniTevi for Fire TV Stick

  • You must first allow your device to install from “Unknown Sources”
    • 1. Open Firestick
    • 2. Select My Fire TV, Under the Settings option, you’ll see My Fire TV option available. Earlier this option was known as Device but in the recent update, it has been changed.
    • 3. Select “Developer Options”
    • 4. Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” / Turn On
    • 5. Search “Downloader”Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote and then search Downloader. First of all, you need to install Downloader on your Firestick
    • 6. Select Download / Select the Download button to install Downloader on Firestick / Select the Open button
    • 7. Open Downloader app and go to Settings option. Here we need to “Enable Javascript” in order to download any files
    • 8. Enter and click the ‘ZeniTivi APK’ option to download the app. Press Install button on website / here you have to download the APK
    • 9. Wait for Download to finish and install app
    • 10. When the app has been installed on your Fire TV Stick. Now you can launch this app to watch free movies and tv shows

ZiniTevi for PC / Laptop / MacOS

Wifi Direct inbuilt on app is compatible with web browsers.

  • You need to install the app on iOS or Android device.
  • Now play a video you are going to watch. At player screen, press WiFi icon on top bar.
  • Enter the link shown in the popup screen into the web browser.

Google’s Chromecast, Smart TV, Roku, Mibox, etc…

First, ensure your Chromecast is on. If you’ve connected it to the USB port on your TV for power, this means you’ll need to turn your TV on.

All your devices need to connect to the same WiFi network.

Some models can not be streamed video online but it will work for video offline

  • Play a video you are going to watch. At player screen, press the Cast icon on top bar.
  • Press on the device in list for streaming video from app to it.

ZiniTevi App FAQ’s and Troubleshooting

Here are some answers to common Zinitevi FAQ’s

How to switch off ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ for iOS?

Ad Tracking on your iOS device allows our partners to confirm that it’s you who installed the app. In other words, Ad Tracking helps us give you the credits.

Go to Settings / Privacy / Advertising / Turn OFF Limit Ad Tracking

1. Sign out your Apple ID

2. Limit Ad Tracking is greyed out

3. Settings / Screen Time / Content & Privacy Restrictions / Advertising / Select Allow

4. Go back to Settings / Privacy / Advertising / Switch it off

5. Repeat step 3 and select Don’t Allow

6. Sign in your Apple ID

How to sign iOS apps using Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor is a tools to install any iOS app, especially when jailbreak is not required. You can easily install any apps in the form of .iPA file to your iOS devices.

Cydia Impactor is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

How to Sign iOS Apps using Cydia Impactor

1. Download the latest version of Cydia Impactor from its official site. Don’t forget to choose between the three supporting OS.

2. Locate the installer and open it. For macOS users, just “Drag to install Impactor in your Applications folder”.

3. Connect your iOS device to the computer

4. Locate the .IPA file that you want to install. I recommend moving it to the Desktop.

5. Open Cydia Impactor, it will recognize your iPhone or iPad

6. Now, click on the IPA, then drag & drop it over to Impactor. If you do it right, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password.

Once that happen, Cydia Impactor will take control of the rest. All it’s going to do is verify and install the application on your iOS device.

A free iTunes login credentials will only let you sign IPA apps for a week (7 days). After the certificate expired, the app will crash every time you try to open it. The solution to this problem is going through the tutorial above again

An Error Occurred While Using Cydia Impactor

That’s normal. Usually, the displayed popup should tell you what went wrong.

It means you have Two-factor authentication enabled for your Apple ID and you to need to generate an app-specific password instead of using your default iTunes password. To obtain an app-specific password, sign in to here, scroll down toward the middle of the page, and click on “Generate Password…”. Give it a name and click Create.

How to sign iOS apps using ALTSIGNER?

AltSigner is a new Windows software allowing you to sign IPA files using the free Apple Certificate working without revokes for 7 days.

You don’t need to jailbreak and won’t lose data due to being revoked

The IPA files signed by AltSigner can only be installed on the same Apple ID and UDID as when signed. Every 7 days after signing, it’s required to connect your iPhone to your PC and repeat the signing process, however, you do not have to delete the apps. The applications will be not revoked and after re-signing you will gain access to all saves and related files.

IPA signed by AltSigner can only be installed on your iOS device with a system version lower than iOS 13.3.1. If your iOS device is upgraded to iOS 13.3.1 or later, the IPA that has been successfully signed cannot be installed.

Prepared items:

1. Apple ID (account & password).

2. Device UDID

3. IPA file, you can download file at HERE

How to use AltSigner

1. Download AltSigner and install it.

2. Download iTunes and install. If errors appear during the installation of iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes from your computer completely and remove its related components. Then reinstall the latest version of iTunes.

3. Open AltSigner and input your Apple ID with account and password.

4. Connect your device to a computer via USB

5. Input device UDID.

6. Choose ZiniTevi.ipa to sign by clicking Browse.

7. Click ‘Start’ and wait for signing progress complete. This process will take several minutes, please be patient.

8. Tap on Browse button, The folder holding the signed IPA will open. You can easily find the signed IPA.

If your Apple ID has Two-Factor Authentication turned on, you will need to additionally enter a six-digit verify code provided by Apple.

If the signing process fails multiple times, open the AltSigner Settings, clear the cache and try again.

AltSigner only provides the signing function, but does not provide the installation function. So after signing, we need to use other tools for installation.

1. Download 3uTools.

2. Launch 3uTools, and connect your iPhone to your computer with USB cable.

3. Tap iDevice / Apps on the left side. Here, you can see the apps you have installed on your iDevice

4. Tap import & install ipa or drag signed ZiniTevi.ipa file directly to 3uTools.

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