There are many sites claiming to be the official Showbox Download page on Google, as you can see from the image below.

Search for Download Showbox APK

As a matter of fact, many websites claim to be the official Showbox website, but they are not. There are many reasons why you should AVOID using Showbox at the moment, but if you are looking to download Showbox APK, make sure it is the official release – don’t worry, we have you covered in this post.

Why cant you find the OFFICIAL SHOWBOX APK download link?

There are many websites that ‘CLAIM’ to host the OFFICIAL Showbox APK, but this is so far from the truth!

Most websites are pretending to offer the official Showbox website to claim in revenue from ads, but don’t worry, we have you covered in this post!


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What is Showbox APK

Showbox is a streaming app that provides the user the ability to stream free movies and shows online, often considered illegal.

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It has a huge library of Movies and TV Shows and works on most Devices such as Android, iOS and Firestick. Showbox APK was always the ‘go to’ app for streaming movies on Android, but with recent changes, we want to touch on why you should no longer use it.

Showbox allows users to stream videos or download them to their device – it also provides offline viewing which is always useful for flights and other scenarios where you may have no internet. For the most part, you’ll be streaming from torrents.  Sounds too good to be true right? Well, that depends on how comfortable you are with copyright infringement or breaking laws in specific countries. 

Download Official Showbox APK

There are many different methods to downloading Showbox APK, we have provided the direct download link below.

If you are streaming online – make sure you are using a VPN to hide your activity and IP address. Make sure you choose the best VPN for streaming – there are many different options.

Showbox Official APK Direct Download

Avoid downloading Showbox from fake rogue websites, these websites seem to be dominating Google at the minute,

If you are looking to download the official Showbox APK then you can use the download button below.

Above is the recommended place to download Showbox APK. We chose APK Pure because there is no longer an official Showbox website, and quite frankly, we don’t trust the other websites.

You can also download Showbox APK by using Filelinked – this post has over 50 of the best Filelinked codes to use in 2019. We also cover everything about Filelinked including the questions like “is Filelinked Safe” in this post.

Let us know what apps you are using for streaming in the comments section.

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