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Searching for TV Launchers in Google Play, one of the first options you are presented with will be Ugoss. It is an excellent and sleek launcher that has a side carousel, and each option in the carousel filters all of the apps.

So, the “All Apps” section would display every item that is available on your Android TV. The Gear icon will display different settings for your TV. The Options section lets you further customize this great launcher.

Download Ugoss android tv launcher apk

A great thing about this launcher is that when you download an item, you do not have to put it into the category itself. The Ugoss Launcher automatically places the new app in the category it should be in for you.

One of the reasons that Ugoss is listed near the top of the vast list is because it has a four-star rating.


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Still, this launcher might be getting a little old. It is on version 1.4.7, but the last update was on 21 May 2018.

There are still plenty of reviews from that time. They did have some stability issues, but they have been addressed, and there have not been many complaints since

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Download UGOSS Android TV Launcher APK

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