Ivacy VPN are well known for their service in the Streaming Scene and have appeared many times on PC World, Tech Crunch, Tech Radar and more BIG Tech websites!

Ivacy VPN are considered one of the cheapest VPN’s for Streaming or to use with Kodi, and they just got cheaper! Ivacy works great as a VPN for P2P and Torrenting, and will work well on Android TV and Firestick to offer security when streaming online.

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It is super important to protect your IP address from being logged on streaming apps, sites and torrent files. Ivacy VPN will ‘spoof’ your IP address to make it nearly impossible for your ISP to track your activity.

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Your IP:

Ivacy VPN

Stop your ISP spying on you and prevent any unwanted letters or visits by staying secure when streaming online. Some apps, sites and Torrents will keep track of you IP address.

Use Ivacy VPN to hide your IP Address with up to
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You can take advantage of this awesome VPN deal by using the link below. The offer will last for 5 years, or you can take the monthly option to try before you buy!


Ivacy VPN Features

Ivacy VPN Features

256-Bit Encryption

Ivacy offers up to 256-Bit Encryption to users which makes penetrating the security next to impossible. So revel in security protocols that encrypt your Internet traffic keeping cybercriminals at bay.

Public Wi-Fi Secuirty

Not only hackers can induce malware codes without you knowing but can even control your devices remotely or shut them down completely. Exercise care and turn on Ivacy VPN before connecting to seemingly “Free” Public Wi-Fi.

No Logs Policy

Your Data is sold to third parties which makes them aware of your online habits. In order to safeguard your privacy online, invest in Ivacy that has a clear No Logs policy.

Enjoy Buffer-free

Buffer-free streaming is pure bliss. But, what if we tell you that your ISP throttles your Speed? Due to Speed Throttling, the lags occur. Subscribe to Ivacy and say bye-bye to stuttering when streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, HBO, and you name it!

Smart Purpose Selection

Purpose Selection helps you identify the purpose for connecting to a VPN: Secure Download, Streaming, and Unblocking. Ivacy has got you covered on all ends.

Defeat ISP Throttling

ISP Throttling is a curse and in order to circumvent it, only the Fastest VPN should be relied upon. Ivacy masks your IP address, thus, defeating ISP Throttling in process.

Internet Freedom

Certain websites and streaming channels are geo-restricted preventing users from accessing desired content. Ivacy helps bypass limitations with ease.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch features immediately halts the Internet, once it detects that your connection has dropped. It ensures that you stay private at all times.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP lets you Whitelist IP addresses. It is done to prevent unauthorized access to your company accounts or just online accounts, in general – adds extra security.

Split Tunelling

Ivacy VPN pioneered Split Tunneling. It lets you access both local and foreign content at the same time. Access content over VPN while through your local LAN.


Advanced Security Features from Ivacy

Get ready to experience Internet Privacy and Security unlike anything before. Following are some of the advanced features that are being offered by Ivacy.

IPv6 Leak Protection

Ivacy VPN offers IPv6 Leak Protection because IPv6 can leak your online IP and let third parties to keep track of your activities. Hence why VPN protection is critical.

Secure DNS

DNS leak can occur if the request (IP address associated with that URL) passes through your ISP’s DNS instead of VPN tunnel. Ivacy encrypts that channel.

Multiple Protocols

Protocols such as TCP, UDP, L2TP, and IKEV are offered. Choose from any of these protocols to craft an impenetrable military grade encryption layer to your network. connection

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are malicious in nature that can disrupt your Internet Traffic as well as can overwhelm your traffic so much that the infrastructure cracks. Ivacy prevents DDoS.

5 Multi Logins

Through Ivacy subscription, you can access protection on five devices at the same time. No need for logging in and out each time. 

Secure Downloading

With its state-of-the-art real-time threat detection technology, Ivacy scans and remove suspicious malware or viruses in the data being downloaded, keeping you safe at all times.

Ivacy Supports all Major Platforms

With a network of over 1000 servers in 100+ locations, Ivacy VPN safeguards your privacy and security across all platforms. Ivacy masks your original IP and assigns you a new one

Raspberry Pi






Smart TV

Why do you need a VPN?

Using a VPN is not a luxury anymore

Do you need a VPN for streaming? | StreamDroid

Internet has a unique way to identify the users. When you surf internet, it recognizes you through a unique address called an IP address. Your ISP provides you that particular address. Millions of users surf internet daily to shop, read, download, upload files, entertain and educate themselves.

With the ever increasing traffic on a number of websites available for said purposes, internet has become vulnerable to security threats, cyber crimes, hack attacks, information misuse, copyright infringement, surveillance, more often than not. Sometimes, even your own trusted Internet Service Provider (ISP) keeps a vigilant check on you. In the wake of increasing traffic and such threats, users like us are bound to suffer.

Your IP is your identity over the internet. The attackers are after your sacred IP. In order to counter these threats, you need to make your IP address secure. To make secure, you must hide IP address under the cover

Why You Should Hide Your IP Address

Your identity is at risk. Get yourself secured by knowing what is VPN and how it works

What is a VPN | StreamDroid

There are plenty of reasons why you will want to hide your IP address, out of which preventing third parties from monitoring your activities is a primary one. Once you are anonymous, the world will be at your fingertips. You can download, stream and torrent as much as you want, without having to worry about getting caught in the process.

On the other hand, with the increasingly negative stance regarding users’ privacy online, internet users need to take matters into their own hands. Privacy is the right of every internet user, and there is no reason why you should let anyone take that away from you, which is why masking your original IP address will do wonders for you, thus ensuring you enjoy your privacy without being compromised.

Lastly, your IP serves as a way to identify you on the internet. Cybercriminals can use this to compromise your system, or worse, steal your personal and confidential information. Fortunately, this can be prevented by masking your IP address.


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