It is a BIG even for fans watching UFC 242 tonight! With a HUGE lineup on the cards, you are probably looking how to watch UFC 242 outside the US.

The problem is, if you are not in the US, you will see an a message that says “ESPN+ is not available in your country” – which we will show you how to fix in this post!

[HOW TO FIX] ESPN video is not available in your country. (Watch UFC 239 outside the US)

How to watch UFC 242 Outside the US

There are a few things we need to look at first that help us understand why ESPN video is not available in your country.

UFC 242 event will be broadcast on ESPN+, and the prelims will be available on both ESPN+ and UFC TV.


Your IP:

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ESPN+ is only available inside the US, which means viewers outside the US are unable to watch it, however, there is a workaround that will fix the message showing “ESPN+ is not available in your country due to content rights issues” as shown above.

How to fix ESPN+ is not available in your country

There is a method that will ‘spoof’ your location that will make it appear to the ESPN+ website that you are inside the US, and this works regardless of what ever country you live in, around the world.

The way to watch UFC 239 outside the US is by using a VPN, and connecting to a US server.

What is a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network), is a secured connection that tunnels your internet, through a server based in another country.

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The main benefits of using a VPN is it will hide your online activity from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), so they will have no idea what websites you visit, and what content you are streaming.

The other main benefit is being able to Geo-Unlock content from other counties. An example would be, a user based in the UK would be able to use a VPN to connect to a US server, who would then be able to watch content that is broadcast in the US, as the connection makes it look like the user is based in a US country.

How to watch UFC 239 outside the US – Step by Step tutorial

Ok, so to watch UFC 239 outside the US and fix the ‘ESPN+ is not available in your country’ error, follow the below instructions.

1 – Purchase a VPN.

There are many FREE VPN’s available to use online, however, the majority will collect and share your data, and bombard you with ads. Not only this, but you will loose around 85% of your internet speed, which results in buffering.

I recommend IP Vanish which is the fastest VPN available for $10 a month. Or, if you want a cheaper VPN with strong speeds and more features, that you can use for future events also, I recommend getting a 5 year deal from Ivacy VPN who are currently offering a massive 87% off their VPN which works out around $1.33 a month, much cheaper in the long run!

Watch UFC 239 outside US

2 – Download and install the VPN

Once you have purchased your VPN from step 1, log in to the customer area of the VPN website after they send your details via email, and download the windows, or Android app (depending on which device you would like to stream from), follow the install instructions, then open the app, and choose ‘United States’ from the ‘Select your country option’ and click connect.

VPN to watch UFC 239 outside the US

3 – Get a ESPN+ Subscription

Before visiting the ESPN website, it is important to CLEAR YOUR COOKIES on your web browser by visiting your history tab and clearing your cookies, especially the ESPN website.

Once you have cleared your cookies, visit the ESPN+ website and purchase a subscription.

Download the app/log in, and whilst still connected to the US Server via the VPN, you will now be able to watch UFC 239 outside the US and the message ‘ESPN+ is not available in your country’ should now be fixed!

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