The Best FireStick APP For Movies & TV Shows + How To Install ?

The Best FireStick APP For Movies & TV Shows + How To Install ? – New Kodi Builds

In this latest Kodi Build tutorial, we look at The Best FireStick APP For Movies & TV Shows + How To Install ? and learn how to install this NEW KODI BUILD. Everyday we see the release of new Kodi builds and wizards, which allow access to watch free movies, sports, shows, IPTV and more on Kodi.

These NEW and BEST KODI BUILDS work on both Firestick and Android TV



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Watch the latest movies, shows, sports, IPTV, music and more with these awesome Kodi Builds

Installing Kodi addons are simple. Watch the below video The Best FireStick APP For Movies & TV Shows + How To Install ?

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Watch The Best FireStick APP For Movies & TV Shows + How To Install ?

Video Description and Links

Get the best app for your fire stick to enjoy on demand movies and tv shows! Plus keep an eye out for Amazon Prime Day, where you can get killer deals on the all new Amazon Firestick 4k!

Let me know down in the comments if you think this is the best APP for streaming free Movies & Free TV shows on your Fire TV device, this also works for Android TV devices and of course the Nvidia Shield!

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  1. So what do you guys think ? Do you like the app ? More importantly what next geek cool device would you like me to get my hands on to slather my Fingerprints and DNA all over ?

  2. Thanks man! But before i found your video, i got cyberflix and tryed playing it and had several different files to choose from, & i have no idea which one to select.. Because when I had showbox it was simple id get on it and play & it played fine, but for some reason with cyberflix you have to pick a file, for it to play im assuming.. Any help would be much appreciated, thankyou! N yes i subscribed bro, & great work on the video tutorial!

  3. Thanks for the video info. Just a quick question that is very important. I have downloaded cinema hd many times. but when I go to use it after selecting the show/movie everything is fine until I want to use the remote to pause or rewind. This function never works. Is there a fix for this? This only happens when using cinema hd

  4. Titanium is good too. But the best thing is seeing a. Old fashioned Review Dork streaming app review and tutorial. I used to rely on these but then they stopped.

  5. Great video Bro! It's my favorite APK since Terrarium went down. Game of Thrones finale was trash. The season in general was sloppy. Great writing until the final season. Smh…

  6. Dont know if they fixed it in this version but the original 2.0 upgrade the ads (or commercials really as they were 30 seconds long) were insufferable. You could not back out and were forced to watch the entire thing. Even Youtube allows you to back out after 5 seconds if not interested.
    I rolled back to 1.5.2 for now and clicked the dont ask to update box.

  7. Fuck You Dork now it will go down. Stop promoting shit just for money. Look I like you but every time I find a good apk then you promote it. After a month it shuts down by the Feds. We will start shutting YouTubers down soon.

  8. Lol I know what you mean cos I just moved back to Orange Co. California and traffic sucks. Now I like Cyberflix but I am going to check out Cinema HD and I don't mind the ads. By the way how is your retirement going, I hope it's all good. Thanks for all your hard work you do giving us novice computer geeks great info. Bye

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