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The TRUTH about Showbox – Here is why you should AVOID using it…..

Showbox APK is quite possibly, the most popular streaming app for Android. It is used by millions of users around the world to stream the latest Movies and Shows – normally to an Android device, but it also works on other platforms.

Showbox APK has changed drastically over the last few years, and in this post we will ask the question, is showbox safe? and also cover some points about why you should avoid using it.

In this post we cover the below; (click to navigate to each section)


What is Showbox?


ShowBox APK - What is Showbox




Showbox is a streaming app that provides the user the ability to stream free movies and shows online, often considered illegal.

It has a huge library of Movies and TV Shows and works on most Devices such as Android, iOS and Firestick. Showbox APK was always the ‘go to’ app for streaming movies on Android, but with recent changes, we want to touch on why you should no longer use it.

Showbox allows users to stream videos or download them to their device – it also provides offline viewing which is always useful for flights and other scenarios where you may have no internet. For the most part, you’ll be streaming from torrents.  Sounds too good to be true right? Well, that depends on how comfortable you are with copyright infringement or breaking laws in specific countries. 



Is Showbox Safe?


Showbox is safe to use on most devices. It does not contain any viruses or malicious content that will harm your device.

Whilst it is safe in that sense, concerns are starting to grow around the direction the developers are now taking the app. Over the last few months, we have seen updates which include the built in Lime Player and an increasing number of ads built within the app.


Why is this a concern?


Well, the built in Lime Player supports Ads, and we have seen this within other streaming apps too.

With the recent updates to the Showbox APK, we have seen a heavily increasing number of Ads present on the app, and a decreasing number of improvements around the usability, functionality and content within Showbox.

Image result for warning

It is beginning to look like the developers are after a quick buck. Whilst we FULLY support the use of Ads inside of websites and apps, infact, we use them ourselves, the problem is, it is beginning to feel that the only thing motivating the updates of Showbox is the increasing Ad numbers.

In addition to that, with Lime Player having Ad support, it looks like the Ads will also be moving into the video player when streaming the film, meaning as your watching films, or prior to watching any shows, you may begin to see longer ‘pre roll’ ads, like the 30 second clips we see on YouTube.

Annoying Ads
8 Annoying Ads from


Using a VPN on Showbox


If you are streaming any illegal or infringing content online, it is highly recommended to use a VPN. We have covered some of the best VPN’s to use for Showbox and other streaming apps in this post.

A VPN will ‘Spoof’ or ‘Hide’ your IP Address and location by using an IP Address from the VPN Providers service. It basically routes your connection through an encrypted and secure ‘tunnel’, which means your physical IP address and location cannot be traced on the website or app, and make’s it nearly impossible for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see your activity.

VPN’s are used by most streamers to avoid receiving letters from their ISP regarding their activity and also protects their details being left on illegal streaming apps, like showbox.

We have covered many posts of VPN’s, so if you want to learn more about them, watch the below video from the LeeTV YouTube Channel.

If you haven’t yet purchased a VPN to use for streaming, then checkout IP Vanish – who currently have a discount on for a limited time.


3 Reasons why you should AVOID using Showbox


Ok, so far, we have looked at “what is box”, “is showbox safe” and the “concerns around the ads on Showbox APK”, now lets give the 3 reasons why you should avoid using it…..

1 – Ads in Showbox APK

Showbox APK ads

As mentioned above, the main reason to stop using Showbox is because the amount of Ads. It is clear the developers are now only interested in one thing – and that is making money!

You will be plastered with different ads, including the annoying popup ads, which make it difficult to navigate within Showbox, and even more difficult to stream videos whilst being bombarded with Ads.

Most users stick to Showbox because it is what they are used to, but there are other apps available with more content, and a much better user experience – check them out here.

2 – You could be using a clone

Showbox is very popular, and if you search Google, you will see there are MULTIPLE websites offering to download Showbox APK.

Search for Download Showbox APK

As you can see the above search for ‘Download Showbox’ there are many websites that claim to look like the Showbox Download page, however this is just a snippet of the top 4 searches for Showbox.

There are many websites that look like the official Showbox Download page, but in-fact, none of these are the official website.

As some of these apps come from unofficial sources, there is nothing to say the apps, or even the website, could include malware, spyware or in the worst case scenario, even a virus.

Becareful where you download apps from. If you want to download Showbox APK use this link for a trusted source.

3 – There are other choices

Showbox isn’t the only streaming app out there. Just because it’s been around for the longest, and its probably the only app you have ever used, there are other choices – some apps even allow you to watch Movies and Sports in the same app!

Image result for cyberflix

Some of the best apps out there at the minute, include Cyberflix and a few others.

We recommend visiting APK Time to see the varied choices available.

Or, you can use Filelinked to get the BEST and most up to date apps for Firestick or Android – who needs to download Showbox right?

Regardless, if the above doesn’t change your mind, and you still want to download Showbox, we have you covered.


Where to download Showbox APK?


If you still want to download Showbox APK, we recommend downloading from trusted sources.

Avoid using fake websites and other ad bombarded pages. The easiest place is Filelinked – which we linked above.

However, if you want to download Showbox APK directly to your device, then visit our Showbox APK Download Page to download it for Firestick or Android TV.

What is your favorite streaming app?

Let us know your favorite streaming app in the comments below!

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