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How to fix ‘Tubi TV is not available in the EU’ error.

how to fix 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' error



For those of you that are based outside the US, you might see the 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' error - and this post will explain how to fix it!

The issue is related to the GDPR laws inside the EU. Tubi TV does not currently work in the EU because of these laws, but there is an easy fix (keep reading to learn how to bypass the error)

This tutorial will provide access to watch 1000s of Movies and Shows for free online - yep, absolutely NOTHING to pay for access to a huge library of streaming content!

How to fix 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' error.

What is Tubi TV?

Tubi TV is an online library of Movies and Shows that users can watch for free.

Tubi TV only works in the US and provides access to 1000s of Movies and shows that are not available on Netflix.

Tubi TV was released in 2014, making it a long standing streaming app.

The good thing about Tubi TV is that you will not need to create an account or signup for a monthly subscription like Netflix or Prime Video.

Tubi TV are able to share their service for free as it includes Ad's to help generate an income to assist the costs of running their server. The good thing is, the ads are non intrusive!

Where to Download Tubi TV

There are many places to download the official Tubi TV app for Android or Firestick.

We have it available on our download page.....


Tubi TV is currently only available inside the US

The downside to Tubi TV app is that it is only available for the US, which is why you will see the error message 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' - but do not worry, we have a solution to be able to watch it inside the EU too!

If you visit the Tubi TV website you will see it is not available for EU users....

Tubi TV not available in the EU

It appears they are not aligned with GDPR laws which forces the website or app to comply with the EU compliance laws - but it looks like they are working on a fix!

in the mean time, we will show you how to fix the 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' error you may see if you are inside the EU.

Fixing the 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' error.....

The way to bypass this error, is by changing your IP address to appear in another country - some call this 'Location Spoofing'.

The easiest way to do this on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS or Firestick is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Using a VPN will change your IP address to make your connection appear to be from another country (which you choose yourself). The VPN will also encrypt your connection and make it more secure, which means your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will no longer be able to monitor or track your streaming activity.

ISP's are able to monitor what movies and shows you stream online, so most streamers will always ensure they connect to a VPN when using streaming apps, to prevent unwanted visits, fines, or warnings..

There are MANY advantages of using a VPN - check out our VPN post which explains more!

There are 2 types of VPNs ; a Free VPN, and a paid VPN.

What is the best FREE VPN for Tubi TV or other streaming apps?

First, I would urge you NOT to use just ANY free VPN from the app store.

Many FREE VPN's will collect and sell your data, sell and share your bandwidth and dramatically slow down your internet connection.

if you are using a FREE VPN from the app store, I recommend checking the T+C's as it is VERY likely, your data or bandwidth is being shared.

If you do not want to pay for a VPN (which I recommend paying for one) then you will want to use a trusted, well known and secure free VPN from one of the big names, such as ProtonVPN.

They offer one of the fastest and more secure Free VPNs available - but we recommend upgrading to the basic for $5 a month by switching the tab at the Top to Monthly from Annually.

ProtonVPN are the same people who make ProtonMail - a free and secure email service which is used by millions to encrypt and secure their communications for free!

What is the best paid VPN for Tubi TV or other streaming apps?

We always recommend a premium VPN, simply because they are the most secure, the fatest, and do not log ANY data on your connection at all!

The best paid VPN as voted for by users is IP Vanish.

IP Vanish own their own servers which means they are the fastest VPN for streaming. You will not loose much of your speed when using IP Vanish so you will get fast speeds for streaming, and works best for HD or 4K streaming.

[blockquote]IPVanish currently have an offer for 73% off their service, which works out at just $3.25 a month with coupon code CYBERDEAL19[/blockquote]

You can claim this offer by using THIS LINK and the promo code above!

This offer ends the 2nd December 2019.

Fixing the Tubi TV app for EU users in summary

After purchasing a VPN, you can use the app to change your location by selecting a US server.

When connected to a US server, your location will be based in America, which means you will no longer see the 'Tubi TV is not available in the EU' error message.

This will also work with other apps, and will also increase the amount of content you will see on Netflix by geo unlocking more content.

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