We have just launched our NEW contributors page, and if you want to have your name on our site and become a monthly supporter, it is now SUPER EASY!

So, we have JUST LAUNCHED our BRAND NEW Contributors Page.

Our fans, users, and supports can now contribute both monthly, and one off contributions to our website, channel and projects.

It is time supports and donors get recognised. So, from now one, every contributor will be listed on our Contributors Page.

What is this new contributions scheme?

We all have plans, projects and idea’s…. and with all things, they normally come at a cost….


Your IP:

Ivacy VPN

Stop your ISP spying on you and prevent any unwanted letters or visits by staying secure when streaming online. Some apps, sites and Torrents will keep track of you IP address.

Use Ivacy VPN to hide your IP Address with up to
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In addition to the monthly costs involved to host on our server, we also want to expand into new apps, and release our very own VPN service.

Unlike others, we want to actually OWN our own servers and be responsible for the speeds. Being able to truely offer a 0 log policy, means we have to own our own servers. Unlike others, who pay for hosting, means they actually do not offer 0 logs, as their host will actually keep them.

How can I get involved?

Well, its simple. We have a PayPal pool where you can contribute as many times as you want, for as much as you want.

We will list ALL supports, donors and contributors on our Contributions Page. We will also share it via our YouTube channel and Social Pages.

How do I become a Contributor?

Easy – use the link below! You can access the page at any time from the main menu!

Want to be one of the first to contribute? Let’s, do it.

Thank you to all supporters of our projects!

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